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The most energy-efficient homes cannot rely on one high performing product alone. Rather, they combine a variety of systems to create a thermal barrier between the inside and the outside. The U.S. Department of Energy states that 50-70% of the energy consumed in a home goes to heating in the winter and/or cooling in the summer. Unfortunately, in many homes a large percentage of this investment is wasted, as air slips through the cracks. Thus, investing to improve the building envelope of your home without considering insulation can leave significant energy cost savings on the table.

With Window World’s Insulation, you can create an additional barrier to reduce the diffusion of temperature-controlled air. Namely, in the summer keep warm air out, and in the winter keep warm air in. Creating a more consistent indoor climate makes for lower energy bills, plus an all-around cozier, more enjoyable home. Our insulation crews can access difficult, often overlooked places like attics and crawl spaces, which are traditionally the biggest culprits for energy loss from gaps and drafts. Our trained specialists will conduct a thorough assessment of your insulation needs, always to the highest levels of service and quality, as they work to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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