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We all know our roofs are what keep us safe from sun, snow, lightning, and rain; our home’s final layer of protection from the elements. Waiting until water is pouring in unexpectedly is dangerous as well as costly. Old, rotten roofs are unsightly and often allow significant damage to the structure of the home before a major leakage event occurs. In order to ensure a roof is still performing as it should, we recommend a roof inspection at least two times a year: spring and fall. Look for signs of sagging, water damage, dark spots, and outside light showing through. If there are signs of deterioration, be proactive in rectifying the problem, keeping weather and regional climate issues in mind.

When you decide it’s time for a new roof, Window World is ready to help. As complete exterior home professionals, we bring our expertise to roofs with the same dedication and attention to detail as with any of our other products. We use only the highest-end materials and careful installation methods to ensure peak performance, keeping you and your family warm and dry for years to come.

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